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These are the operating notes for Ed Kim. They have been made public for transparency into how the organization is currently operating. These notes cover immediate goals and actions, long term goals, and other actionable items.

HICap ToDo:
  • Moanalua STEM Day - September 24th (Russell, Ed, Kenny)
    • Roomba Robot
    • Robot Helmet
    • Light up Glasses
    • LED sword
  • KCC Maker Night - October 7th (Jessie, Ed)
  • Arduino Night - October 14th (Jessie, Ed, Noah)
  • Leadership workshop (Ed, Ryan, Tiff)
  • HawaiiCamera PartnerShip (Aisis)
    • Google Jump
  • GizWorld (Aisis)
    • More information to come
  • T-Shirt Contest (Jesse)
    • Submit designs and winner get a free month as HICap
  • Switch front page sidebar over to stripe (Ed?)
  • Refill white-board (Ed, Jesse)
  • Fridge rules (Ed, Noah)
    • Write up rules
    • Paste to Fridge, attach sharpie
  • CivilBeat article (Justin, Ed)
    • Waiting on Justin for a time commitment
Immediate Goals (Follow up):
  • Counter top: Need exact measurements by July 10th
    • confer with Jesse for stand design
    • confer with Evan for placement
  • Media Presentation (Aisis, Ed)
  • Hardware Design Presentation (Noah)
  • Doorbell (Rules)
    • Pi Doorbell (Trevor)
    • QR/NFC coded door alarm
    • IR sensor for door, output to website
Recurring events:
  • Monthly HTDC event (Noah)
  • Monthly NodeSchool (George, Ed)
  • Monthly Cascade HNL (Mike King)
Long term Goals:
  • Capacitor (James/Julie)
    • Stripe Added
    • User Profiles PR waiting
  • Online Donations Kicked down the road
  • Non-Profit Status Kicked down the road
  • Virtual General Meeting (Aisis, Ed) Kicked down the road
Potential Events:
  • How Much does it cost to build an app/website? (Ed)
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