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Membership Benefits

$75 - Premium Membership
$60 - Basic Membership
$25 - Student Membership
Starving Hacker Membership (Rates vary)

Student/Basic/Starving Hacker Rate

  • Access to the HICapacity Space during open hours
  • Ability to work out of the HICapacity space with the following services:
    • Access to 100/100 internet connection
    • First come, first serve desk space (Space is limited)
    • Ability to rent out conference rooms (Prior notice of at least 1 day required)
    • Printer, Fax, Power, Projector Access
    • Spare computer use ([Ubuntu] Linux, WinXP)
    • Refrigerator space
    • USPS Mailbox Usage (Mail is checked three times a week)
  • Tools and services:
    • Printing with the 3D printer at a reduced member rate
    • Access to small scale hardware tools such as soldering iron, screwdrivers, etc
    • Access to EEG (Electroencephalogram)
    • Access to Spectrometer
    • Access to Myo (Myo-electric input device)
    • Access to Raspberry pis, various arduinos, and LED kits
  • Online resources:
    • Wiki Account with editing privileges
    • GitLab Account
    • Capacitor Account (Membership Portal)
    • Possibility of server space on our virtual servers
    • Access to our Slack instance
    • HICapacity Google Apps account (including HICapacity email)
  • Allowed use of the community bike rack
  • Access to our library of programming/science books
  • Access to in-house servers with external ips
    • Linux OS
    • No funny business (spambots, bitcoin miners, etc)
    • Servers are shut off at the end of the night

Premium Membership

  • All the benefits of the lower rate
  • An assigned locker (lock must be provided by the member)

Student/Starving Hacker Membership

  • Starving Hacker Rates are determined on a case by case basis
    • A reduced rate is given to those that can perform some work at HICapacity
  • Student members need to show proof of current enrollment

Members that have shown a need for and a certain level of responsibility can apply for their own personal key card that will allow access to the space 24/7.

Some services require a reason and must be approved by the board before it is given to a member. For example, in-house server access requires a reason to use the server and approval by the board before anything can be installed on it.

Some services may be given to member of the tech community that do not have a HICapacity membership but have shown significant contribution to the community in general.

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