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House Rules

These rules are in place to guide users in their actions while being in the HICapacity space or at it’s events.

Please Follow the Code of Conduct while in our space, talking as a member, or at a HICapacity event.

  1. Non-members are allowed to visit the space at any time for the following reasons: to meet current members, inquire about HICapacity, or for public events. Please do not abuse this rule or said person will be asked to leave. Continued violation of this rule may lead to a permanent ban from our premises.
  2. Any unwanted solicitation will result in an immediate ban from our premises.
  3. Do not steal from the space or from any person at the space, or at our events.
  4. Do not intentionally injure any person at space, or at our events.
  5. Do not use tools unless you're sure you know how to do so safely. If you see someone working in an unsafe way, it's your duty to stop them and let them know.
  6. Do not defeat or hack safety features/equipment. This is for other people's safety as much as yours.
  7. If something is broken, fix it; don't complain. If you can't fix it, email the issue to
  8. If you're doing something major, ask the slack channel #hicap-discussion or a board member first.
  9. Members are allowed to store personal items in the space, but they must be kept in their own locker (if paying for one). Any items found without a member identifying tag will be considered donated to the space and will be considered as a tool of the space.
  10. Donations to the space must be marked as so. This is to avoid any ambiguity. Leaving a name and contact information will result in a pleasant thank you card.
  11. The bike rack is available for all members to use. Any bike found on the rack for longer than one month without having left the space during that period, will be considered property of HICapacity.
  12. Carefully consider the true usefulness of an item before bringing it to the space. Disposal requires effort and space is limited. Seek permission for large items.
  13. If you're leaving something and you would rather it was not mercilessly ripped apart, please label it accordingly.
  14. Likewise, if something looks expensive or useful please don't mercilessly rip it apart without asking first.
  15. Don't remove tools from the space without asking the board first. Even just for a short trip.
  16. Workbenches should be completely clean when you leave - be considerate for the next user. Please put tools back where you found them.
  17. Please clean up your immediate area before leaving the space. (Trash, food refuse, etc)
  18. We are here as a community that fosters sharing and encouragement. Any person found trying to take advantage of a member’s generosity will be immediate ban from our premises.
  19. If you don't know what to do in a certain situation, contact a board member.

Contacting the board
If the Board is needed for any purpose: unwanted visitors, personal injury, etc, a board member can be reached through email at or through the #hicap-discussion slack channel. In most cases, a board member should be in the HICapacity space during open hours.

Reporting a violation to the Board
If a report needs to be made to the Board, the best course of action is to email the Board with the reportable offense, the person making the offense (if possible), and the time and location of the offense. The Board will review the report as soon as possible depending on the severity of the offense and availability of the board members. At the longest, the incident will be discussed during a general meeting held at the first and third Wednesday of each month.

Individuals found in violation of the house rules will be reprimanded, ranging from a stern warning to immediate removal of membership and banning from the premises. This will be based on the severity of the offense. If repeated minor violations occur, the individual may be banned from the premises and stripped of their membership (if applicable).

Reports are consider anonymous and the reporters name will never be disclosed to anyone outside the board. If a truly anonymous report needs to be made, reports should be made through a buner email service like mailinator.

Appealing to the Board
If an individual has been found in violation of the house rules, they are allowed to appeal to the Board once. The individual must request an appeal to the Board via email and the appeal will be scheduled. The appeal interview must be done in person, in front of the Board. The Board will make a final decision and let the individual know at the end of the appeal interview.

Board Decisions
For all decisions requiring the Board, depending on the severity of the report, a review will be scheduled where the majority of the board members can meet and review the report. The decision will be made by majority vote. A decision leading to the removal of membership and banning of a member will need to be made with the unanimous consensus of the board members at the review. All reviews will be recorded and made public through the wiki. For the sake of the reported individual, their name will be redacted. The attending and voting board members names will be stated in full.

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