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Welcome to the DevOps Club portion of the HI Capacity wiki!

DevOps club is open to the general public and occurs every Thursday from 3-6 PM in the HI Capacity space at the Manoa Innovation Center. If there isn't a scheduled talk, there will always be office hours.

What does this mean, you ask?

This means that a group of people who like to hack on DevOps things will be in there hacking away! If you have a question about something you're working on, would just like to chat about large scale production systems, or just want to come to hang out - please feel free to drop on by! The more the merrier! And if you'd like to plan your own HI Capacity talk, please reach out to the board or our Slack channel!

The last Thursday of every month will be “Command Line Show And Tell” where you bring in one or two of your favorite command line utilities/aliases/tips and share them with the group!

As a note, the Ansible Hawaii Meetup Group will also be housed under DevOps Club.

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